So in May 2013 I began my journey as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. In October, I found out that I would be spending 2014 in Bregenz, Austria. I will leave Australia in January 2014, and depart Austria again in January 2015. I am so excited for this journey to begin. This is a blog about my experiences as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Austria, so I hope you enjoy it 🙂 xx ellie


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  1. Hi I’m hoping to do Rotary this next year and have been looking into going to Austria! I would love to talk to you and hear a little more about your experience.

    • Hey! Well I would definitely reconmend it! Rotary is such a good Organisation to do an exchange with, because they take such good care of the students! And Austria is an amazing country and perfect for an exchange year! Rotary here have a great program organised- there’s a Europe tour and lots of other trips available that aren’t offered in other countries (I’m a little biased of course) and it’s beautiful of course 🙂 but even with that in mind, wherever you choose to go, your exchange year will be amazing! I hope you go through with it!! Feel free to send me an email if you have more specific questions about anything 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Was looking at austria exchange on the internet and your blog popped up,
    I am going to austria next year (2015) on rotary youth exchange and was wondering if there is anything you would definitely recommend doing in austria? 🙂
    also what country did you leave from?

  3. Hello I am Madison i was aiming to go to Austria or Denmark for my Junior year through Rotary. Though if I may ask you one thing its that is it uncomfortable or akward when you go there, because I’m one that doesn’t know really any German and one thing I am terrified about is that I’ll go there and I won’t have any idea what anyone is saying. Can you email me or somehow respond? sorry and thank you

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